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Relevant Historical Reports & Documents

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Subject: 2000 - 2012 and current - City Confiscation of the White Star Property Interests and Rights without Compensation and the suppression of the Stadium Plan effort for the Commonwealth Games Bid.

Here you will find City Committee of the Whole Reports as well as Compensation Resolution Reports, Planning Committee Reports, the Divisional Court Ruling Craft, CN Rail vs Toronto document from April 2019, Rezoning Application and more.


The Divisional Court of Appeal case Craft v. Toronto ruling in 2019 and LPAT May 2021 decision in favour of the private property rights and interest's owner was a game changer. See the ruling below.

Divisional Court Ruling-Craft,CN Rail v. Toronto April 2019
Download PDF • 1.85MB

White Star - City Rezoning Application 2000

White Star-City-Rezoning Application in 2000
Download PDF • 346KB


Wednesday, April 30, 2003 - Special meeting

Council Chambers, Hamilton City Hall

White Star-City Commonwealth Games Council Approval April 30 2003
Download PDF • 82KB

SUBJECT: City of Hamilton Support for the 2010 Commonwealth Games Bid (CM03015) - City Manager's Office - Citywide Implications

White Star-City Commonwealth Games Report CM03015 April 29 2003
Download PDF • 825KB

Legal Letter: Delivered to Members of Council, The Mayor, c/o City Solicitor City of Hamilton Nicole Autry Hamilton City Hall

RE: 257, 259, 267, 271, 279 Bay Street, 32-34 Tiffany Street and 107 Stuart Street

There is a long standing Council compensation resolution to be settled and a subsequent civil suit by White Star against the City in connection with the City's actions concerning these properties and White Star's former salvage business over the past decade and beyond. The City received notice on February 22, 2017 regarding White Star Group's intention to bring proceedings against the City under the Expropriation Act for compensation. Expropriation proceedings are a statutory proceeding and applying City policy to prevent a landowner from advancing a statutory right is both improper and unfair.

Heisey-Letter to City of Hamilton March 7 2017
Download PDF • 392KB
City-White Star-Planning Committee Report 12-002- Feb. 8 2012
Download PDF • 101KB
City-Compensation Resolution Report 10-024 Sept 14 2010
Download PDF • 89KB
City Committee of the Whole Report 10-027 Oct. 13 2010
Download PDF • 158KB

Below are all the correspondence letters between Guy Paparella, the City land use strategy planner, and our lawyer A. Powell: Legal letters, documents and official files regarding the Tiffancy Block Planning - July 27, 2000 to 2002

City-Paparella-Barton Tiffany Block Planning correspondance file July 27 2000 to 2002 2
Download P • 22.88MB

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