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White Star Group

- Community Information - Our Struggles with the City of Hamilton -
We have been held in “ABEYANCE” with Active Application by the City since 2000
The City’s complete DISREGARD to the owners active application plans and business

Councillor's Chad Collins and Jason Farr and Council in-camera created a wasteland. Ten years of being in-camera, after interfering with our active development process, interference with our salvage operations on our land, and after having a development agreement approved by City Council, after a failure of a second attempt to build a stadium in West Harbour, and after City Council passed a compensation resolution review in 2010 to staff, the matter remains in-camera for ten years. Currently the planning department is holding the White Star's application for City of Hamilton's Environmental Remediation and Site Enhancement or ERASE Community Improvement Plan (a set of programs designed to encourage and promote brownfield redevelopment) on hold, after the refusing to engage with White Star before the OMB mediation process. White Star was compelled to present a case to the new LPAT board, where the City has actually resorted to using the expropriation act as a means to request to have the White Star case dismissed due to the time limitation statues in the act. The City failed to resort to in dealing with the contemplation of the pre-expropriation process for the stadium efforts. All along the City is fully aware they agreed in writing to hold the White Star development application on hold until the development project is complete. The City is aware that the abeyance position protects White Star from any statute limitations ramifications. 

The City of Hamilton empowered itself by taking away our rights and interest in our own land - both to operate our business and/or to develop the property. Click through the posts below to learn more about our ongoing plight - and the abuse of power in the City of Hamilton.

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